Tuesday, February 26, 2013

.:p i n s p i r a t i o n // springtime crochet:.

I have found my self feeling excitement that spring is on it's way. Even though today is cold and rainy, I know that rain makes the flowers grow (excuse the Les Mis quote).
With all this in mind, I have been looking for spring crochet ideas via Pinterest.

Source: luulla.com via Hannah on Pinterest
Source: gallery.ru via Hannah on Pinterest
Source: khyata.com via Hannah on Pinterest
Source: etsy.com via Hannah on Pinterest
Source: peaceofshell.tumblr.com via Hannah on Pinterest

I love the wonderfully airy, light, and beautiful colors of these pins. My mind is spinning with ideas. Have a blessed day!


Monday, February 25, 2013

instagram // 2.18.-2.24

It has been a fun week.
Great Bible study, good times with good friends, good food, rainy cold weather, followed by the taste of spring on it's way. A little crochet here and there.
It has been a nice week indeed.
What did you do this week?

God Bless,


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mom's afghan & contradicting personality

These are some of the finished squares for mom's afghan. It is hard for me to believe how much I enjoy making granny squares. It is soothing for me. I look forward to changing into my p.j.s, fixing a hot cup of tea, covering up in a blanket, & crocheting away. I don't feel like talking. I just want to create. I like it when the animals come up to cuddle. They don't want to talk, they just want to be near you.
I am a social person. I am loud and crazy at times. One of my most treasured aspects of life is spending time with loved ones. But as I have gotten older I really enjoy having quiet time to myself. Recently my family tested our personalities. Some of them started to bet if I would be introverted or extroverted. When my scores were tallied, out of ten I scored 5 for introverted and 6 for extroverted. I think that is a perfect representation of me. When I feel social, I am VERY social, but when I feel  introverted, please just leave me alone while I watch Downton Abby and make granny squares.

Have a wonderful & blessed weekend!

Friday, February 22, 2013

.: p i n s p i r a t i o n // dreaming in color:.

I had a dream last night that my dad painted my new bathroom without telling me. It was a color I didn't want. What is funny to me is that it wasn't some hideous color like you would expect from a crazy dream, it was a very pretty teal color, but not what I wanted.

Back to reality.. I am wanting very neutral colors for my bedroom/bathroom area. Such as grey, sand, or a powder blue.
So I have been a regular visitor of Pinterest, as I have stated before. My home design board is loaded with inspiration.

The top photo is the inspiration for my ripple afghan (still in the works).

To add another thing about my daddy, he has been working very hard on my bathroom. He spends a couple of hours working on it every night after he gets home from work. I am very thankful for that. I am blessed with one of the sweetest, hardest working father's I know.
Have a wonderful weekend!
God bless!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Humpday Happenings

Here is a quick post regarding my Wednesday:
1) I started my day with A Woman's Heart; God's Dwelling Place devotional by Beth Moore. It was a blessing looking at Psalm 91:4, dwelling on my LORD's love, protection, & forgiveness towards his children. 
2) After walking the dogs laundry, etc., I met a dear friend for a sushi lunch date. I counted that we have been friends for 16, going on 17 years. We do not see each other as often as we should, but we have a wonderful ability to catch up and goof off like there has been hardly anytime separating us.
3) Before bed, I spent time on some granny square for momma's afghan. I am hoping to make some more progress this evening after work.

I hope you week is going well!
God bless!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

.:p i n s p i r a t i o n:.

Source: flickr.com via Hannah on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Hannah on Pinterest
Source: flickr.com via Hannah on Pinterest

Source: ravelry.com via Hannah on Pinterest
With the remodel of my bedroom/bath area coming along, I get even more excited looking at Pinterest! I want to have elements of crochet in my room that are more than just an afghan. 
These are just a few of my pins. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest. I would love to follow you.
If you have created some crochet "art" for your space I would love to hear about/see it!
God bless!

Monday, February 18, 2013

instagram// 2.11-2.18.2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was full of excitement. It begun with beautiful 60° weather, and a great showing of Footloose the musical. Then Saturday, after the temperature had dropped, we had a snow shower. To wrap it all up was Sunday at church.
It was spent with loved ones & that made it a great weekend!
How was your weekend?
God bless!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I mentioned a while back that we are in the process of creating a bathroom, closet & laundry area for for may bedroom.
Here is a picture of the fam posing as different appliances in the designated area (this was the ingenious idea of my future sister-in-law).  

With the bathroom coming along, this has made me excited about the design ideas for the new room along with my adjacent bedroom. This has also motivated me to try and hurry on my ripple afghan (seen here) for my bedroom. I had put in on the back burning until yesterday when I realized that the remodeling is coming along very well.
Happy hump day & God bless!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Insta-gsf// weekend

1) I spent my Sunday afternoon watching Oklahoma! while I worked on some rows on my doily. I was lent the DVD the other day. I haven't finished the movie yet, but I am surprised that I don't care for it so far. *sigh* I will stick to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
2-3) If I haven't told you already, Amos, the kitten, thinks that Molly, the beagle, is his mommy. I love to see them cuddled up together!
4) Amos is a wild, crazy, rough, & hardheaded little thing. I have had chronic scratches on my hands and legs due to this little creature. But every so often he will love all over you. He is especially sweet when sleeping.
5) The ladies in red. My brothers, cousin and I had lunch together yesterday after church. Without any planning, my cousin & I wore our nice red dresses in honor of Valentine's Day. Aren't we beautiful? ;)
6) I made more progress on the doily. I still have a few more rows to do before it is finished. I thought it looked so pretty in the sun light.

I hope you all had a nice weekend. Anything interesting happen? I would love to hear about it.
God bless you all!

Friday, February 8, 2013


Some progress has been made to the doily. Maybe I will finish it this weekend.
I am ready for the weekend. I don't have anything planned, but that is OK. Something will turn up.

Or maybe I will just sit out on the front stoop and watch the cars go by with a profound look on my face, like Ms. Molly here. She's such a sweet thing.
Enjoy your weekend!
God Bless.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Handmade memories

Lately I have been thinking of the importance of personal gifts.
My brother's finace' was telling how wonderful it was for her sister to receive a crochet afghan from her now deceased grandmother as a wedding gift. I saw an interview the other day explaining the importance of a handwritten letter. My grandmother was so thrilled to find a stash of checks her mother had written. How much more wonderful would it have been if it hand be a letter address to her.
I guess this is one reason why I love to crochet. There is something special about an item that was created by hand for someone else.

These photos are of the starter squares for my mom's afghan.

I have been thing about when I have children. One thing I am hoping to do is keep a hand written journal for them until they are 18 or so. Maybe they will appreciate a handwritten document of love to them.

God bless!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Birthday plan for momma

My mom has a milestone birthday this year. She turns 50 in April. I thought that this is a perfect occasion for my to get around to making her an afghan. I asked if she wanted to go with me to pick out the yarn and she agreed.
We picked some Vanna's Choice.

I am going to plan this project better that I usually do (at lest I hope I will). Let see if I can do it.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
God Bless!