Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mom's finished granny square afghan


I am so happy with how my mom's afghan turned out! I love the colors. I think the gray does a wonderful job of contrasting each color. I started this project the beginning of February and finished it on April 24. It is the largest crochet project I have ever completed. The best thing about the afghan is that my mom loves it!
I connected all the squares using the join-as-you-go method. There are tons of tutorials on the method all over the web. Here is the joining granny squares as-you-go tutorial from Attic24.

I knew that I wanted to add a single crochet boarder to the afghan, but wasn't sure how I was going to execute it. I finally decided on using a moss stitch (a.k.a. tweed stitch)  for the colorful boarder. I am now in love with this stitch and plan on using it on other projects. Here is a video tutorial of how to crochet the moss stitch. Of course you can see that I changed the yarn color for each row compared to using one color. This gives the boarded the tweed look.

For any readers interested in creating a granny square, check the Purl Bee's tutorial of how to crochet a granny square. Their instructions and photos are very easy to follow. 
Thanks for reading & have a wonderful day!
God bless,

instagram // 5.13 - 5.20

-Cuddling with Ms. Molly Mae
- Jordan & me returning a baby robin to his nest.
-Free kittens in search for a home
-The selection of colored duct tape at my local Lowe's
- A pretty robin's egg.

I am starting to miss crochet. I am trying to get started on some more projects. I am hoping that after the wedding I will feel more motivation.
God bless,

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Instagram // 5.6 - 5.13

- One of my favorite pictures of my mom, grandmother & me. Don't you just love a good photo of three generations?
- Some lovely flowers in my neighbor's yard.
- A tiny bird nest filled with 5 baby birds in a bucket in the back yard.
- Owen waiting anxiously for my mom to return to my Jeep.

I am thankful for my wonderful mom & all the other godly motherfigures in my life!
God bless,

Thursday, May 9, 2013

instagram 4.29 - 5.6

-One of my favorite scripture passages, Psalms 1
- A fire hydrant in the middle of a country field
- How my tailor spelled my name

I hate that I have not been posted like I should! I have to post the photos of the finished afghan.
I haven't done a lot of crocheting lately. I am in two weddings that are less than 30 days apart. First is my little brother's wedding the beginning of June, & a dear friend's the beginning of July.
So other than just a small project to practice  tapestry crochet, I have had very little crochet on my brain, or on my hook. :/
I hope to get back in the rhythm of things very soon.
God bless!