I am so happy  that you have stumbled on my little blog.
I am a twenty-something living in the lovely state of North Carolina. I am a part-time student & I have been working at an optometry office, owned by family, since I was 16 years-old. My two younger brothers & I were home-schooled by our mom our entire childhoods. I love my family & friends. Relationships are very important to me. I have a soft place in my heart for the arts. I love paintings, drawings, photography, & design. Jesus Christ is my Savior & Lord. The more Bible studies I have taken the more my love for them has grown.

I also have a love for crochet;
Here is a little back story about my blog. I started Granny Square Flair in summer of 2012.
I realized that I really enjoy crochet. I enjoy looking up patterns, motifs and design ideas for crochet. Crochet gives me a creative yet soothing way to deal with my anxiety and boredom.
I also have always wanted to start a blog because I like to write and be creative. But I could never decide on a topic to blog about.
Then it hit me. A crochet blog (like that hasn't been done before); where the two could become one. That way I could catalog my projects and hopefully get some insight from some others in the online crochet community. Since I started this blog I have found so many sites and blogs that I enjoy reading and gaining inspiration and techniques. (You can read more in this post about Why I Crochet).
Enjoy (or not).

Some random facts:

- Jesus is my Savior
- I LOVE baking homemade cookie & trying new recipes.
- I LOVE making, playing, listening and dancing to music. My two brothers & a friend we have known are entire life have been performing as a group for different church events around our area for a couple of years now.
- I often sign my name hannaH because I am dyslexic.
-My favorite T.V. shows are Breaking Bad (I love you Jesse Pinkman), & The Walking Dead (I watch this with the family after we get home from Sunday night church service, ha ha).
- I am a big fan of movies.
- Two of my top movies are Twelve Angry Men & Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
- I am a southerner, and yet I hate 95% of country music.
- One item on my "Bucket List" is to do a cross country road trip.

Feel free to contact me:
You can email me at grannysquareflair{at}gmail{dot}com
or follow me on bloglovinfacebook.

God bless!


  1. I just started trying to learn to crochet so I am massively excited that I've discovered your blog!!!x