Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Simple Crochet Infinity Scarf Patteren

I made a few of these crochet infinity scarves for some of the girls in my family for Christmas 2014. I thought I would share the pattern with anyone out there interested.  I have been wanting some practice writing patterns, & I think that it is simple enough for most crocheters to execute. But if you find any problems with the pattern feel free to let me know in the comments or email me at grannysquareflair{at} I would greatly appreciate it!

I used Vanna's Choice yarn by Lion Brand for all of the scarves I made. I really love the colors in this yarn range. The colors you see above are Sapphire, Eggplant, & Mustard by Vanna's Choice yarn.  

Materials needed:
300 yards of any medium weight yarn (I used 2 skeins of Vanna's Choice)
J/10-6 MM hook

Stitches used & abbreviations: 
chain (ch)
slip stitch (sl st)
double crochet (dc)
single crochet (sc)
Right side (rs)
wrong side (ws)

ch 190 sl st into beginning of ch ( make sure not to twist ch) creating large ring

row 1 - ch 3 (counts as first dc), dc in next st, repeat in the rest of the sts (190 dc). Sl st in 3rd ch of ch3.

row 2 - ch 4 (counts as first dc & ch1), turn work facing ws, skip first st & dc in 2nd st from ch4 post. ch1 & skipping 1 st *dc in next st, ch 1 skip 1 st * Repeat from *to* until end of row, sl st in the 3rd ch of ch4 post (95 dc & ch1).

row 3- ch3 and turn work facing rs. Dc in next ch1 st, *dc in dc st, & dc in next ch 1 st * rep *to* until end of row .
sl st in 3rd ch of ch3 (190 dc).

row 4- Repeat row 2

row 5- Repeat row 3

row 6- Repeat row 2

row 7 -Repeat row 3

row 8 -Repeat row 2

row 9 -Repeat row 3

row 10 -Repeat row 2

row 11 -Repeat row 3

row 12 - ch1 (counts as first sc) while working on rs *sc in next dc st* rep *to* until end of row (190 sc) sl st in ch1. Fasten off

row 13 - Starting at the beginning of the work (row 1), connect yarn to work while still facing rs and repeat row 11 (190 sc).


I hope you have a wonderful day!
God bless!
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