Monday, June 24, 2013

instagram 5/20-6/22

A lot has happened in the last month; my sweet, baby brother married his sweetheart, my mom's dear friend, Mika, from Japan stayed for eight days (us ladies spent two of those days in the mountains for a girls get-a-way), we got to a point on my bathroom & closet that was presentable just a day before Mika arrived, than Father's Day, & my other brother had a birthday this weekend.
There were many precious memories made this past month that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I have been enjoying the feelings of love, fun, laughter, and hope for what the future will bring.
Next, I am a bridesmaid in another wedding of a dear friend in less than two weeks. I am looking forward to that event!
I starting back to crochet last week. Slowly but surely. I worked on a couple of rows on my rippled afghan and started another teddy bear. While cleaning out my room for Mika's stay, I realized how much extra yarn I have! I need to use it up before I purchase anymore yarn. I just don't have the space! There is a mission trip plan for my church in August. They need baby blankets, so I will try to knock some out for that trip. Maybe even some teddy bears.
Take care & God bless,

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