Thursday, February 7, 2013

Handmade memories

Lately I have been thinking of the importance of personal gifts.
My brother's finace' was telling how wonderful it was for her sister to receive a crochet afghan from her now deceased grandmother as a wedding gift. I saw an interview the other day explaining the importance of a handwritten letter. My grandmother was so thrilled to find a stash of checks her mother had written. How much more wonderful would it have been if it hand be a letter address to her.
I guess this is one reason why I love to crochet. There is something special about an item that was created by hand for someone else.

These photos are of the starter squares for my mom's afghan.

I have been thing about when I have children. One thing I am hoping to do is keep a hand written journal for them until they are 18 or so. Maybe they will appreciate a handwritten document of love to them.

God bless!

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