Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy {belated} birthday, Mom!

My mom had her birthday earlier this month. I wanted to post about her for her birthday, but didn't do it on time. So I felt like a crappy daughter. But here it is, her belated birthday post!
One thing that I know I inherited from my mom, among many things, is singing. I learned to LOVE harmony thanks to my mom (& her mother). She started singing as a child. She would sing in a trio with her mother and sister. She sang in the church choir, study voice in College, & traveled with her university's chorus group.
She encouraged me to practice & work on my singing abilities as a child. It is funny for me to look back, but for a little while when I was much younger, I didn't have much interest in singing. I don't know why. I can remember one time when I was going through this phase I told her that, "I'm not like you", in response to her wanting me to work on music. (I could be a pissy little thing at times). But fortunately that phase did not last very long.
She was able to strongly encourage my talent without pushing (too far) beyond what I was comfortable with. She encouraged me to learn harmony when I was younger. I had a low voice & my grandmother taught me how to sing alto when I was about 10 years old. I didn't like the sound of alto at first. It took some time before I was able to hear the beautiful blend of harmonizing voices and recognize how the alto adds to it. I then learned how different notes can complement a melody in a song, and make the sound fuller.
Music has been (& hopefully will continue to be) a wonderful part of my life. I don't know if I would have developed my love & abilities in music if it hadn't been for my wonderful mother.
Happy {belated} birthday, Momma!
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