Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tunisian Tuesday: week 5

It is wonderful to be able to sit outside while adding some rows to my crochet! I know it won't be very long until it will be too warm to crochet outside. I will enjoy it while I can.
I know I am taking my time with this project. It is one of those things that I work on for about 30 minutes to hours at a time, while I watch some t.v. or just chillin', when I have a little downtime. After church on Sunday, & after I had gotten a bite of some delicious Asian cuisine for lunch, I was home alone for a couple of hours. So to relax I put on the movie Capote, from Netflix, poured a cup of coffee, & worked on a few rows of my Tunisian crochet project.
One thing that I like about Tunisian crochet is that it is easier to transport, compared to "regular" crochet. When you stop on the forward pass, the hook is secured in the stitches along the top of you work. It is nice to be able to put down my crochet work and not worry about my crochet hook falling out, and loosing it.
I hope you all have a wonderful evening!
God bless!

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