Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a Doily Day

As a North Carolinian, when I was growing up I often heard this phrase about my home state, "If you don't like the weather, just stick around". I think the weather for the past couple of days is a testament to that. Friday we experienced freezing temperatures and a full afternoon of sleet and freezing rain, which resulted in hundreds of reported automobile accidents. Today is another story; very mild with a high of 72°F.
I spent a little while on the deck crocheting in flip flops.

I started my first doily the other day. I never thought I would be interested in crocheting doilies. They never seemed to be "my style". But in the last year or so my tastes have changed. I think they are truly lovely. I remember my brother once said when trying to describe what a friend was crocheting as, "This frilly, girly little thing. You know, just useless stuff". That makes me giggle every time I think about that conversation. But in the defence of the doily I must say that even though they have no functional purpose, they are so pleasing to the eye, add interest to a space, and are soothing to create. Therefore I could not deem them useless. I am hoping to make some that will work in my bedroom once it is remodeled.

Once I finish this little beauty I will post photos and a link to the pattern.
God Bless!

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