Thursday, January 31, 2013

The bad kind of snap, crackle, pop

Remember when I said that North Carolina has some wacky weather? Well yesterday evening the warm air in our area met up with some cold air form the west, and as they often do, they had a disagreement. This confrontation resulted in a powerful wind storm.
While all this was happening outside, I was in my bedroom, crocheting of course, resting on my bed next to Lily, the cat. The wind really started to pick up and branches and debris started tapping and scratching on my window. The sounds stated to get stronger. (This is when I realized that Lily is a little smarter than I am. She took off to avoid any windows). I hear a crash. I know a tree has fallen but all I can see in the dark is the wisteria bush. I thought that the branch must not have been too big, and forget all about it. Soon after I am lulled by the rain on the roof and am no longer able to stay awake.

Well, it turns out that what I saw was not just the wisteria bush, but a tree that had fallen on top of the bush.

But my family is very blessed to have an amateur lumberjack, flannel shirt and all, ready for such a time as this.

The only thing that can break him from his work is his lovely lady, Psalm 145 Lady, a.k.a Samantha, wishing him a good morning.

God Bless!

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