Thursday, March 28, 2013

first 2 rows

Mom's afghan is really coming along! Two rows are finished, six more to go & a border will finish it.
I can't believe that this Sunday is Resurrection (a.k.a. Easter) Sunday! It hasn't felt like the week before Easter. The past week has been so chilly outside, & the dogwoods, which are always an indicator of the season,  haven't started to bloom. But I am glad to see that this weekend should have more pleasant temperatures.
Happy Thursday!
God bless,


  1. It looks great, Hannah! When I was crocheting a little I kept coming across the "join as you go" method but never actually attempted it. Is it all that difficult?

    1. Not at all. When you start the last round on a square, just crochet in to the spaces of another square. There are tons of tutorials out there to show you how...