Thursday, March 21, 2013

My hump day

Even though I was off  work, I had a busy Wednesday. After Bible study, workout, breakfast, shower & laundry I headed to my dentist, who's office is 30 minutes away. After receiving a perfect bill of healthy teeth, (yea!) I stopped to grab a bite to eat followed by a trip to A.C. Moore.

I purchased what I hope will be the last skein needed to finish my mom's afghan.
Following the yarn refill, I headed towards town, picked up a couple of others items & headed to a hair appointment.
After having my hair shampooed, cut & styled I arrived at the house to have my mom act as photographer to a mini shoot.
See my clean teeth & fresh new hair!?
I wanted to get different photos of me crocheting for an upcoming post.
I hope you had a nice day! Don't worry, the weekend will be here so enough.
God bless,

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