Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mom's afghan

I counted it is less than four weeks until my mom's birthday. I have 20 partial squares to finish to be a total of 50 squares. I am hoping to finish the last 20 in the next couple of days. I might want to add some squares, but I am waiting to see how large it will be when I lay them all out together before I decide if I need to add anymore. Then comes the joining. I know I will be able to finish in time. My only problem will be staying focused.   
I find myself thinking about borders for the finished afghan. There are many beautiful ideas I have seen recently including the one on Sophie Slim's Granny Circle Blanket.
I am exciting to see how it will turn out! Do you have any granny square afghan border ideas?
Have a wonderful day & God bless!

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  1. I started following your blog. I come to your from Laura's blog (from according to Laura Jean). I do a lot a crocheting projects and have some tutorials on my blog. Check it out!