Monday, March 18, 2013

instagram // 3.11-3.18

We had some wonderful spring weather this week. I loved it!
For any of you who do not know my dad, he loves to work in the yard. He loves it! And apparently he has had a love for landscaping his entire life. I know he did a lot of lawn care for others when he was in college. And for as long as I can remember if the temperature outside was warm, he would be out working in the yard into the evening hours. During the fall, my dad planted somewhere near a kajillion flower bulbs. We are starting to reap the rewards of his gardening. In the past couple of weeks his flowers are starting to bloom all over the yard. It is fun to see new blossoms everyday.
I made a little bit of progress on mom's afghan this weekend. But not much. I hope to have finished the squares by this weekend.
How was your weekend?
God bless,

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