Monday, March 3, 2014

shell stitch cowl

I hope you have enjoy the first couple days of March 2014! I have.
I finished this infinity scarf for my mom this weekend. I had the majority of a skein of Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn left over from a previous project & thought it would make a good cowl for my mama. She is hot natured, so I thought an open stitch would work best for her.
This is a photo from my phone I posted to my instagram on Saturday

These are photos I took with my "real" camera.

It was very overcast when I took these photos early this morning, so I apologize for the poor lighting. Also, the scarf would had looked better if I could of had it hanging, but I had no one to wear it when I took this photo. I need a pretty cloths hanger or a dress form to use when taking photos of scarves and such. *sign* Oh well, maybe some day.
I used this crochet shell stitch graph from Lion Brand as a guideline & adjusted it a little by using one double crochet or a chain 3 on the ends of each row to square it off.
Maybe I can get a better photo of this cowl some other day.
I am going to make some more cowls like this in different colors with some of my extra yarn. This is an easy project so I thought it would be a good idea to make a few more and have ready to sell in the fall.
I know I would like to make a tutorial entry someday, & maybe this stitch would be an easy one for my to explain in a tutorial post. Do any of you have an opinion? I would love to hear it.

Y'all have fun today!
God bless!

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