Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some random facts...

I was in need of  inspiration for a post idea, so I thought that a random facts about me post would be a good idea {in the least narcissistic way possible ;-)}. So,,, let's get to it.

-I am a first born {yikes}. I have two younger brothers, Jordan, who is 11 months younger than me, & Jamison, who is 3 1/2 years younger. I would say we are pretty close. We have our sibling spats every now & again, but I would say they are two of my closest friends.

-One of the first things I notice about a person (if it is possible to see) is if he/she is right, or left handed (if you are ambidextrous; my mind is blown.) . For some reason, I find men more attractive if they are left handed. I am not the only one, my cousin thinks the same way.

-My current favorite Pandora stations are All Sons & Daughters, good acoustic Christian music, & Patrick Sweany, modern (& some classic) American blues.Until I was about 12 years old, I wasn't allowed to listen to secular, non-Christian music. The first ever secular album I had was Queen's News of the World (released in 1977) My taste in music does differ from many my age. Once, I was wearing a Beatles t-shirt & a man asked "Can you even name all those guys on your shirt?" "Absolutely" I answered, "McCartney, Lennon, Ringo & George", pointing to each face. The man smiled and said "I see a lot of kids wearing old shirts like that & they have no idea who the people on them are". I told him "I'm 'legit".   

-If I stumbled upon Shawshank Redemption playing on television, no matter how far a long it is in the film, or the fact that I have see it numerous times,  I have to watch it until the end. Great movie.

-My family & I share four animals, 2 dogs & two cats:

These four furry creatures bring a lot of entertainment & laughter to our house.

I have been told by friends and strangers that I look like Anne Hathaway. It's the eyes, & maybe in some of my mannerisms. I don't know if you can see it from a photography alone.  

-I am a coffee lover. I enjoy every sip of my daily cup of Joe. I do try to limit my consumption to 2-3 cups of coffee a day. If I go over that limit I get jittery. From what I understand, the first person who introduced me to coffee was my great grandmother. My mom told me that when I was a toddler, my grandmother would take a tiny cup-package that you get of half & half at restaurants & add a couple of drops of coffee to the creamer and would sneak it to me to drink. 

-I, with millions of others, love Netflix. I could go into more detail, but I thought I would instead post a video of Gary Gulman's monologue about Netflix. Why? Because, 1) I love Gary, & want to share his wit with the world, & 2) because he feels the same way I do about Netflix & describes it better than I would. enjoy!

That is all I have for now!

Have a great day & God bless!
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  1. I had never heard of Gary Gulman before, but he was quite funny. I'll keep my eye out for him in the future. Thanks for sharing. I love it when I learn something new! --Nancy