Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tunisian Tuesday

Last week I worked on a swatch of Tunisian crochet. This is my first attempted at Tunisian crochet, EVER. I started with the Tunisian simple stitch:

I was so pleased at how easy this was to learn & execute. I have yet to try binding off (finishing off the project) , because the hook I am using (size H8 5mm) is too small and the project does roll up very badly (just as the tutorials mentioned crochet would do with a small hook, hence why I am holding the swatch down in the photos). So I made another trip to my Hobby Lobby & purchased a size K (6.5 mm) afghan hook by Yarnology. I am going to undo this project & start over with my new hook in hopes this will prevent the work from rolling up.
I will try this stitch again & get back to you next Tuesday with my progress. Once I get a good hang of the stitch, I hope to make my own tutorial for anyone interested. Check in again next Tuesday to see my progress with Tunisian crochet!
I hope you have a wonderful day!
God bless!

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